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Jumat, 11 November 2011

Natural Hair Care

type='html'>By Sara Gregory

Everyone on this earth is fond of natural hairs. But it's not possible for everyone to maintain their natural hair because of their busy life and unhealthy eating habits. To make your hair look naturally beautiful, you yourself have to take good care of it. Here are some of the tips that might help you to maintain your natural hair:

1. Eating healthy: This is one of the most important points to be considered. For many of us with fast moving lives, we grab whatever we can lay our hands on through some drive thru and often eat in the car. Let's get back to basics by eating fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables (collard greens count too) as these will provide you with the appropriate vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B, C, and E encourage hair growth and make this growth sustainable and healthy. Water intake also removes the toxins from your body and provides you with shiny, bouncy hair not to mention glowing skin.

2. Use of appropriate shampoo: Stay away from drying, stripping shampoo products. Although these kinds of products produce lots of lather, they are harsh on your hair and tend to dry out the hair. You should use shampoos which contain decyl glucose, or decyl glucoside as they are very gentle on natural hair.

3. Regular oil moisturize: You should regularly oil your hair. Use a nature-based hair oil. Apply a small amount with your finger-tips directly to your scalp and massage it through the hair shaft. Apply a dime-sized amount to you hair prior to wrapping your hair with a silk sleep cloth at night. This will help maintain your natural hair by preventing your hair from drying.

4. Remove hair accessories: Do not use hair accessories such as scrunchies, bobby-pins, head bands, rubber bands and barrettes when you are sleeping. These will damage your hair and will lead to hair breakage.

5. Hair gels, colors and mousse: Avoid excess usage of permanent hair colors, especially if you relax or perm you hair. Limit the use of hair sprays or spritz containing a lot of alcohol. Give it the smell test. Spray it, and then smell it. If you smell a heavy alcohol odor, either limit your use or do not use it at all. New gentle products, such as hair mists, which are combination sheen and holding products) and hair masks, which are mild gels enabling you to keep your look and re-manipulate your hair the next day) are more gentle and practical product alternatives. You should always air dry or use a hooded dryer to dry your hair first instead of blow-drying. Once your hair is fairly dry, then use the blow dryer and/or flat iron to completely dry and further straighten your hair. Use hair butters and light oils (elixirs) to make your hair soft and smooth. Mousses are a great way to smooth and shape your hair during the drying process.

6. Use wide toothed comb: Wide toothed combs are always recommended as boar hair brushes can really make your hair weak and will break it in large amounts when used on wet or fragile hair. You can even untangle your hair with your fingers when it is wet to decrease the likelihood of damaging it when combing your hair wet.

7. Hair massage: This is also important, as it will increase the blood flow to the scalp. The roots of your hair will get the proper nourishment, which in turn, will help in hair growth. Touch your hair and scalp. Put a small amount of hair oil on your fingertips (not finger nails) and massage your scalp for at least 120 seconds twice daily. Hair Trimming: You should go for regular hair trimmings. Having your hair trimmed will remove split ends and make your hair look beautiful! Ignoring split ends to save the length of you hair will only leave you with bushy unhealthy looking hair as the hair shaft will continue to split unless cut.

8. Natural products: Use natural herbal hair care products to have long and beautiful hair. Natural products do not contain harmful products and are very safe to use.

9. Use natural herbal hair products: When caring for your hair, use natural herbal hair care products. Natural herbal hair care products contain fewer chemicals linked to common hair and skin irritation and are safe and gentle to use. But, more importantly, your hair will look and feel more healthy and beautiful.

These simple tips will help you to maintain your natural hair. So, from now on, flaunt your natural beauty.


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