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Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Bridesmaid Trends

Being a bridesmaid is the prettiest and cutest thing to be, wearing a beautiful fairy frock of your dream color and holding a bouquet is something girls dream about. This occasion holds in it the feeling of perfect fairytale. So be your favorite fairy princess and wow the people around you with your stunning single look. Choose designs that flatter your body shape as well as clothing style. We have some awesome bridesmaid dress options from latest bridesmaid trends 2010.

Long Bridesmaid Gown

It’s a darling choice for the girls to become a quintessential fairy princess. These long gowns give a persona of class and elegance with their silky spotless textures. Make your appearance memorable with the color and shape that goes best with your tone and features. This mesmerizing red carpet look is surely going to make you stand out from the rest.

Draped Bridesmaid

Dresses Draped dresses are the perfect choice if you want to hide some of the unwanted proportions of your body. These Greek inspired flirtatious designs looks so hot especially in summer wedding. Long gown as well as mini dresses when decorated with draped details look so enchanting and eye catc.

Sleeveless Lame Dresses

Vera Wang’s Cecilia is a sleek and sophisticated A-line gown that ties at the waist and is designed in trendy lames fabrics, these dresses are a popular trend for the Bridesmaid dresses 2010.

One shouldered Bridesmaid Dresses

Eager to flaunt your sun kissed spotless tan then what could be classier then the one shouldered dresses. This trendy and posh look is becoming more common for brides looking to add an urban, modern twist to their wedding day. You can choose a long gown or a mini dress but g for the eye popping and more complex cuts and angels if you wish to flash your style consciousness.

Ruffled Mini Bridesmaid Dresses

Ruffled Mini dresses are making a big come back in 2010 wedding and bridesmaid dresses, as the frilled ruffles and lace accents ripple and flaunt to show layers and layers of delicate fabrics in myriads of shimmering colors. Ruffles add more weight to the dress and for a tall bridesmaidtheycan be especially very flattering.

Criss Cross Necklines

Another popular trend for the modern Bridesmaid is a criss-cross neckline. These dresses appear to be made of a single piece of material that is wrapped around the neck and again at the waist. Bridesmaid dresses in 2010 are appearing with this trend in a variety of colors and are ideal for cocktail hour at bridal events, as as the wedding ceremony.well 

Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses

Strapless is the design that is going to dominate the near future with its exposing sexy designs. It is also a perfect choice when you want to wear a delicate necklace.
Whether it is a flirtatious ruffled mini dress or a long elegant gown, choose the dress that goes with your personality. Be yourself and be original in your choice and you are going to be the stunning lady of the ceremony after bride.

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